Properties Dragons in Drapia possess 10 attributes as follows:
  • HP Health Point: Health
  • PATK - Physical Attack: Physical Attack
  • PDEF - Physical Defense: Physical Defense
  • MATK - Magical Attack: Magical Attack
  • MDEF - Magical Defense: Magical Defense
  • EVA - Evasion: Evasion rate (including magic)
  • RDC - Damage Reduction: Chance to block 1 physical/magic attack
  • ACC - Accuracy: Hit Rate
  • CRIT - Critical: Critical hit rate X2 dmg
  • SPD - Speed: Increases the probability of being attacked before the start of the match
The mutation index is abnormally superior and is defined by 2 body parts, Eye and Skin Color. Some dragons in Drapia possess special eyes and colors with superior attributes.
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