Life Points

Life Points are the amount of energy that the player can use to enter Adventure Mode. Each time participating in the map play, players will lose 3 Points for 1 game screen. If players run out of LP points, they must wait for the energy to be restored to continue playing.

  • Players who own from 3 to 10 dragons have a maximum of 30 energy. Every 1 hour, restore 1 NL (Max 01 day has 54 NL)

  • Players who own from 11 to 24 dragons have a maximum of 50 energy. Every 45 minutes, it regenerates 1 NL (Maximum 1 day has 82 NL)

  • Players with 25 or more dragons have a maximum of 80 energy. Every 30 minutes, restore 1 NL (Up to 1 day a player has 128 NL)

Energy points are deducted only when the player enters Adventure Mode or Endless Tower Mode.

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