Welcome Dragon Trainers to Neverland - The Land of the Dragons in Drapia World.

Drapia is a turn-based strategy game inspired by Dragon Mania Legends, Dragon Mobile City, the core of Drapia is the unique Dragon NFTs. Players will accompany those NFTs on their journey across Neverland, participate in battles across continents and receive valuable rewards.

With turn-based tactical gameplay, Drapia enhances the game's tactics through the arrangement of squads and the ability of Dragons to coordinate. Besides, with the Breeding designed mechanism, players are provided with a diverse and massive Dragon system.

We wanted to develop the Dragonverse game universe with a core turn-based strategy game. In Drapia, players will take the role of Dragon Trainers, who will raise the dragon from a Baby Dragon to an Adult Dragon (Matured). Dragons in Drapia will be trained in skills such as jumping/flying/attacking through challenges in the mini-plays provided by the game publisher.

For a blockchain game centered on holders, Drapia believes that the community is an endless source of inspiration for us to develop ideas that add value to the Dragonverse universe.

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