Breeding conditions

Dragon must be at mature level or higher (ie level 16). Each Dragon can only breed a maximum of 5 times. Each breeding turn will cost DMV and RAPI token


If the breeding process succeeds, players will receive dragon eggs to hatch. Hatching requires a little time and players will receive the baby dragons. Baby dragons can inherit attributes from their fathers or mothers, or both. If the breeding process fails, players will lose 1 turn of breed and the paid fee.

Breeding time

When starting Breeding, the 2 Dragons will enter a breeding state and can not be used for PvP or PvE. The time required for breeding is 12 hours.

Breeding failure rate

There is a small chance that the breeding process will fail. The higher level of the Dragon, the higher failure rate. This mechanism will maintain the value of rare dragons.

The failure rate is shown as below:

  • 1-Star Dragons: 10% of failure

  • 2-Star Dragons: 20% of failure

  • 3-Star Dragons: 30% of failure

  • 4-Star Dragons: 50% of failure

If players breed two dragons with different levels, the failure rate applied is the rate of Dragon with a higher level.

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